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DigitalUI / UXWeb

The portal, initiated by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, combines important information on the change of work and makes it available in a user-friendly way. Together and through Blumberry GmbH - Agentur für Kommunikation we were allowed to take over the redesign of the Arbeitswelt Portal and took over the UX as well as UI area.  For the Arbeitswelt portal, an independent office evaluated numerous scientific studies and data and enriched them with practical experience. The content focuses on balance and considers the perspective of both employers and employees.

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In concrete terms, the portal offers a wide range of interesting services and expert content such as infographics, interactive key figures on all topics, and interviews with experts from academia and practice with current relevance. The aim is to create more understanding for overarching trends and topics such as quality of work, co-determination, pay or health. 

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