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We believe in creating honest, powerful work that stands out, resonates and is driven by purpose. Committing to thorough research that uncover the story and what distinguishes a business, organisation or product. While striving to create visual identities and storytelling that reflects a brands personality, brings the environments in the spaces where we live and move to life and makes audience engage.

We are a creative agency based in Berlin with a studio active since 2019. We specialize in user centered design systems, brand building and consulting for clients all around the world.


Understanding where each one of our clients is coming from is the first step in our design process. The strategy phase is where we fully immerse ourselves into your idea and align our efforts with your goals! To design and build the right product for your needs, we need to be sure that we’re focusing on the right problem that needs to be solved.

Concept Design

Crafting well designed digital products is our superpower and we’re not afraid to use it! The product design phase is where your business ideas and our creative vision come to life. We believe that designing without a clear concept in mind is just a waste of time. Conceptual design ideas help us envision how users will interact with your product early on, based on the problem that we are trying to solve. They are abstract models that help us shape a solid design path.

A design system is a game changer when we’re talking about optimizing your design efforts. It’s basically a big library full of rules, guidelines, style guides, components, and patterns that can be used to easily create new digital assets or product features, without worrying about consistency.


Our web design process is not only about producing a high quality product at the end but also about creating something which will make the user want to come back for more. Through our work we have found that a really good website knows how to tell a story but an awesome one lets the user fully immerse themselves in it and experience it.

​​Motion Design: Moving elements are both a cool thing to have on your website and a powerful tool to grab users’ attention, when done right. We plan out all our animations early on so that we can avoid any hiccups during development.

Engaging design 
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
User Interface Design
UX Design & Analysis


Great design and even greater development go hand-in-hand. This is why we have invested a lot of our time to research the best possible solutions that will fit our clients’ technological needs. Exploring “no-code” builders has allowed us to increase both our capabilities in creating better interactivity and our project-turnover time!

The technical discovery phase is a process during which we make sure that we can find the best development solution that aligns with our client’s vision for their product. It allows us to also prioritize features, create timelines and play out different use scenarios until we reach a development proposal.
The “no-code movement” is here to stay and we’re more than happy to be participating in it to build interactive websites. It has allowed us to completely unleash our design creativity and create user experiences like never before! We can create ecommerce solutions that are designed and developed to fit both your business and your audience’s needs. Whether you’re looking to create a web app or a mobile app - we got you covered. 
No project is like the one before it in terms of design, features, business goals, etc. At eljot. we are always open to finding the perfect fit for our clients when it comes to development solutions. Quality assurance is probably the most important part of our development process. Our QA team makes sure that there are no broken links and no 404 pages where there should be none

Front-End Development
Technical analysis
Back-End Development
App Development
Custom Solutions
Quality Assurance


From making sure that we have all the requirements to start work on a project to delivering the final product - our project management team has it covered. We are here for the long run when it comes to providing you with support while you grow and expand. We are very flexible and can create ongoing support solutions that align with your design and development needs.

For us, “growing up” together with our clients means not only providing them with support at every step of the way but even going beyond that! We have always strived towards creating a design process which doesn’t just end at the launch of a website or the handoff of a product. We also know that no client is like the other and that is why we have developed a few different approaches when it comes to providing long-term support.


Great user experience design lets users  focus on the task they have to complete and evokes emotion without distracting them. Bonus points for when it also looks and feels aesthetically pleasing!

Intuitivity is the main factor which distinguishes bad UI from good UI. Our approach to creating great UI starts by anticipating what type of design users would like to see on your product making sure that they will understand how to interact with it.

UX Witting: Creating a memorable product has a lot to do with the personality you give to it. A well designed website is nothing without the right copy that its target audience will recognise and react to.

Brand Identity

After we’ve gathered as much information as we can about your business, we start to think about how our solution is going to translate into shapes, colours, fonts, animations, and all other visual elements that we think will be necessary. But don’t worry - you’ll also get to take part in the “fun” by helping us go in the style direction that feels right for you.

Logo design has been around for decades but in the digital age it is simply not enough. When we’re talking about brand identity, we’re looking at how your customers will experience your brand as a whole.


The right design also includes the right appearance and content strategy. Not only do we develop illustrations and design elements, we also put the right images in the right light and take a deeper look into copywriting. Through our experts, we can offer individual photography and content development. We offer all services from a single source. In this way we enable a versatile composition that contributes significantly to brand development.



In a complex, challenging and ever changing world, exceptional marketing is even more imperative to succeed. We have a highly skilled and creative team to manage your integrated campaigns

Online and offline there are plenty of marketing and media channels available. On social media alone the choice can be baffling. When you extend the choice to include digital and ‘traditional’ marketing, businesses today are faced with a bewildering array of options. We have the expertise to provide a creative and comprehensive service to match the incredibly diverse selection of options. We serve as your entire integrated marketing department, obsessing over results, tracking, measuring, and defining strategies and campaigns ensuring success.


Our approach and methodology is all about understanding: the use of technology, meaningful positioning and brand messaging. We work smartly to multiply results and deliver swift, measurable ROI.


Our inspirational and creative team have the passion and energy to build and create extraordinary marketing strategies and campaigns that stand out above the noise


We begin with clearly defined goals and then determine the appropriate approach, processes, positioning, tone, media and budget. Everything is based on how appropriate is this and what results will be generated
Print Design

It all depends on the right design: Print design and implementation from a single source. Through our partners, we can take over the print preparation in-house. This gives us short and efficient ways to implement your individual print requests.

Print preparation 
Magazin design
Event Production
Business Cards


Social media consulting and implementation from a single source. Anyone who grapples with current trends knows that it's not just about design, but rather about interaction and engagement. The right design paired with a good content strategy and one goal: to grow together. We offer complete media planning and design implementations, as well as content development. This is how the branding develops and runs through all channels.

Content Production
Media Plan
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Preset & Filter

Research & Discovery

To design and build the right product for your needs, we need to be sure that we’re focusing on the right problem that needs to be solved

Once we’ve gotten to know you, it’s time to get to know the competition as well. The goal here is to see how other companies in your industry have designed their website and/or product and evaluate them mostly based on usability.

After that, we will have a clear idea of what we can do better for you in terms of design so that we can give you an “edge” in front of the competition.


Journey & Personas

The same way books need a good narrative in order to captivate the reader, websites and apps require a map that describes the “journey” or the steps  that the user goes through in order to accomplish a goal.

We start by creating a timeline of connected actions and add the thoughts and emotions we predict the user is going to have while going through them. This way we can have a visual scenario that will help us plan out our approach to the design process.

Each product or website has its target audience and the easiest way to make it more memorable for all stakeholders is by creating user personas. They are fictional, yet realistic, descriptions of the type of people we are targeting with our design. We dive deep into what their needs and goals are, as well as their frustrations and hesitations.


Catching possible usability issues early on is the key to delivering a completed product. As part of our process, we always leave space for testing out and thinking through our designs so that we can make sure that we don’t waste precious time later on.

If you have a startup that is looking to get funded, then you know how important it is to have an MVP (minimum viable product) that will win your investors’ hearts and wallets.

Our experience with pre-seed and seed startups has shown us exactly what we should focus on when creating initial designs for a new product.


The best way to see whether the design solution we’ve created will be appealing to your target audience is through user tests. It allows us to iterate in time and make sure we’ve gone through as many edge cases as possible.

Integrating analytics tools is an important part of tracking the performance of your website or product after its release. We can help you integrate the right solution for you and your marketing team.

Much like user testing, A/B tests allow us to see what feature or functionality works best for your users. We then compare the results and gather data-driven insights that help us fine tune our designs. our website’s load time is crucial when it comes to user retention. That’s why we often implement different strategies that help us bring that down to as low as possible so that we can insure lower churn rates.

We design with a philosophy of creating compelling solutions whichexcites and engages in a way that can make an impact and connect with audiences. Making the solutions distinct, behavioral, cultural, and most importantly, memorable. We work as a full-service integrated creative branding consultancy, focused on developing brands, creatives, and ideas for clients to use for interacting with their audiences. Our agency combines research, design, and advertising operations into one studio to create innovative creative infrastructure, processes, and methodologies.